Voting Early in Pennsylvania

Thanks to the bipartisan Act 77, Pennsylvanians can vote early by submitting a mail-in ballot or casting their ballot in-person at their county election office before Election Day.

How does early in-person voting work?

If you want to vote early in-person during an election, check your county’s website or call your local county elections office to see if ballots are available and printed.

Tip: Be sure to have proof of identification on your person, such as a PennDot ID or the last four digits of your Social Security number.

How do I vote early in-person?

It’s easy!

  1. Go to your county election office. You can find it here.
  2. Fill out a mail-in ballot request form on site and wait for it to be verified.
  3. Receive and mark your ballot following the instructions provided.
  4. Seal your marked ballot in the white inner secrecy envelope labeled “official ballot.” Your ballot MUST be in the secrecy envelope to be counted.
  5. Seal the white smaller secrecy envelope inside the pre-addressed larger, outer return envelope. Your ballot MUST be in both envelopes to be counted.
  6. Sign and date the voter declaration on the back of the outer return envelope.
  7. Hand it back to your local county election office for processing.
  8. Congratulations! You’re all done.

**Remember: If you return your voted mail-in or absentee ballot, you cannot then vote at your polling place on Election Day.**